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Thursday, December 29 2011
Gretchen went down to Brooklyn for the night, leaving such jobs as walking the dogs to me. Sally didn't come, but Eleanor and I walked out to the old abandoned go-cart track (41.926999N, 74.111985W), where I salvaged some nice undamaged stainless steel pieces (a fume hood and a large pot lid) and pieces of an industrial gas stovetop. (The go-cart track had evidently had a large functioning kitchen to provide snacks for customers.)
It's nice to take pseudoephedrine when I'm by myself at the house, so I took a dose of 120 milligrams (having recently increased my recreational dose from 90 milligrams). At some point I realized it might be nicer to drink cheap wine instead of booze tonight, so I decided to drive into Uptown, where I also planned to get large turnbuckles from Herzogs. But the battery on the Subaru was dead. No problem; I jump-started it using the charged-up car battery I use to run an inverter during power outages (mostly to power our telephones and laptop).
After getting the wine and turnbuckles, it turned out that my Subaru's battery still dead. The god damn battery, which I knew to be only about a year old, was no longer holding a charge. Helpless, I was about to buy a new battery when some guy came along and wondered if I needed help. So I had him give me a jump. Now I'll be able to get a refund at my leisure.
Back at the house I watched Bridesmaids and, just because it was mentioned in that movie, the beginning of the FedEx/Tom Hanks vehicle Cast Away. Gretchen is a huge Bridesmaids fan, but the only scene I really enjoyed was the one where the bridesmaids walk into a pristine white wedding shop only to realize they have the kind of food poisoning that results in uncontrollably-explosive diarrhea.

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