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Wednesday, December 28 2011
As always when warm weather is replaced by cold, today we experienced the kind of howling winds that make me leery of working in the laboratory. That tree that might fall on it is held upright by two cables, but when it comes to testing the edge cases of my engineering, I'm not willing to bet my life.
I've been watching Boyz 'n the Hood, the original riot-causing hoodsploitation movie from 1991. It's a remarkable movie given its unknown cast and low budget, but it feels melodramatic and 1980s-cheesy in a way that Menace II Society (which came out three years later) does not. Layers of 1980s-vintage synthesizer have not aged well.

I've been trying to do a little firewood gathering every day as a way to get some exercise into my daily routine. Yesterday it was too rainy, but the day before that I retrieved a cart's worth of pre-cut firewood from the forest. Today I tried to get another cart's worth. I managed to get it across the Chamomile (which is still raging after yesterday's rains), but I got bogged down in the long series of puddles that form in the Stick Trail closer to the house. The water had extracted and concentrated mud from the nearly soil-free slopes uphill, removing almost all traction from the trail; it was actually considerably more slippery than it gets even after a wet snow.

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