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   one-day workweek
Friday, December 23 2011
Today was my first workday of my new job, and, being a real job, I found myself filling out more than the usual amount of paperwork. I had to prove that I am an American citizen, set up a direct deposit scheme, file tax paper work, and sign a work contract. But then I also had to work. It was a little odd, because my new boss never emailed me or called me; he'd told me he's not a micromanager, which is great, but this is a little extreme. I kind of like it; I had enough sense of what I needed to do based on what we'd discussed during my job interview to know how to proceed. Still, it would have been nice had he at least responded to the two emails I sent him.
Meanwhile Gretchen had begun work on a vegan pizza featuring crust from her ongoing sourdough culture. That's a good way to end a one-day workweek.

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