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Monday, January 16 2012
I'd been sort of hoping to avoid this season of the Bachelor, given the emptiness of its visual calories even when watched ironically, but somehow Nancy lured me in to watching it with her and Sarah the Vegan over at the place Sarah is housesitting at in Bearsville. Nancy picked me up en route, leaving Gretchen with a blissful several hours of alone time. On the way we picked up a pizza at Catskill Mountain Pizza in Woodstock. Somewhat ominously, sleet had begun drizzling down from the heavens and there was concern that perhaps we'd have to spend the night in Bearsville.
The pizza, by the way, was cheeseless and completely vegan, but the toppings proved something of a mismatch. Sundried tomatoes are to tomatoes as rasins are to grapes, and neither go well with broccoli rabe. Also, in all honesty, the pizza could have really used some cheese (soy-based or otherwise).
As for the Bachelor, though, this particular episode was full of great trashy television. When white ladies compete for a white gentleman, anything can happen, and tonight one lady had fainting spell and a lady from a previous season of the Bachelor even tried to interject herself among the valid contestants. The tears, the anger, oh my God, but don't try to watch this crap sober.
Nancy was a little overly-cautious on the drive home. There was half inch of sleety snow on the road, but it wasn't anything her trusty Subaru wasn't designed to handle.

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