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Monday, January 23 2012
Gretchen was gone for the day doing registration for college classes taught in the hoosegow. Meanwhile I popped 120 milligrams of pseudoephedrine (a stimulant alternative to caffeine that exercises totally different biochemical mechanisms) and undertook several projects.
I'd decided to reorganize some of the most important real estate in the world: the part near Woodchuck, my main computer. For years, I've had my phone, an old webcam, and an outdoor thermometer on an arm reaching out from the wall/ceiling to the left of my monitor array. Today I decided to add a fifth monitor, connected to Woodchuck only through a USB-to-video adapter, and to somehow accommodate the phone and thermometer (the old webcam could go). I had a nice little VESA-capable monitor mounting arm, which I could easily attach to an attachment point I'd made for a telephone base station maybe nine years ago. To this I attached a 1280 by 1024 pixel monitor, arranged in my monitor array in such a way that a mouse could only reach it through a tiny part of its bottom-right corner. This would make it harder to interact with and thus a good place for windows that are really only there to show information (such as weather maps being updated in real time).
To accommodate the phone and thermometer display, I created a hinged shelf out of plywood, a sheet of one by four lumber, and a hinge. This allowed me to place the phone and thermometer in the trapezoid-shaped void between the top two monitors in my monitor array. At this point a picture is in order:

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