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Friday, January 27 2012
Today I finished out the hole between the living room and upstairs bedroom using the one by eight lumber I'd bought yesterday. And to fill cracks between that and the surrounding drywall, I used caulk (since drywall compound added to the severed end of drywall is certain to crack).
Later I took a recreational dose of pseudoephedrine and then attached a four inch by twenty eight inch strip of steel sheet metal to the wall above my monitor array. I wanted to have a large surface to which I can attach clips of paper using magnets as a way of better organizing the traces of my life that are still not digitized. (Recently I bought 100 tiny rare earth magnets, each a quarter inch in diameter and a 16th of an inch thick; each is powerful enough to hold a business card to a metal surface.)

This evening Gretchen and I watched a zany comedic drama called the Guard, which focused on an eccentric policeman in a sleepy Irish village who finds himself drawn into cracking an international drug smuggling ring. The Guard's reason for existence seemed to be the subversion and ridicule of cop movie clichés, and for that it was a breath of fresh air. But the accents were so thick that it was a bit hard for an American such as myself to follow. And Gretchen (who had seen it on the big screen) thought it suffered a bit when presented in the limited pixels of the DVD format.

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