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Monday, February 4 2019

location: Casa Trogon, Agua Vista Lodging, Montezuma, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

Gretchen reported her ear was better today, which had me feeling better about the rest of our time here in Costa Rica. What had me feeling less sanguine was some pressure from Alex, my main current work contact back in the Hudson Valley, the guy who got me that job in the first place. As you know, the work I've been doing has been proceeding slowly, and at this point he's getting impatient. He's probably being yelled at by the head honcho for wrapping me up in this mess. I did my best to be optimistic while also grumbling about the nature of the ongoing task and posting photos to Slack of all the wildlife I've been seeing.
Meanwhile the story from the housesitter in Hurley was that the extreme cold of the polar vortex had passed and now temperatures were up into the 40s and 50s again. Hearing this, I thought about it for a moment and then became concerned that perhaps I'd left the space heater on in the laboratory. So I had Gretchen contact the housesitter to confirm that it was off and to turn it off if it was on. Happily, it had indeed been off.
Tonight all Gretchen wanted for dinner was spaghetti without any sauce. At language school today she'd been beset by explosive diarrhea and it had put her off anything but the simplest and blandest of flavors. (Perhaps her problems were the result of drinking tapwater in Santa Teresa, though I'd drunk it too and was fine.) So I made Gretchen simple white spaghetti, though I made myself pasta that took the form of shells, and I ate it with red sauce.

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