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Monday, February 18 2019

location: Casa Trogon, Agua Vista Lodging, Montezuma, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

A ten-member troop of coatimundis showed up at the casita this morning before Gretchen woke up. [REDACTED]
One of the things I obsessively do at the casita is scoop out the debris that blows into it using a pool net. I find such cleaning surprisingly satisfying, and I probably spend as much time cleaning the pool as I do soaking in it. I also take satisfaction in saving insects I see drowning in it. Today I rescue a small striped wasp (it was maybe 5/8 inch long and had an abdomen striped in yellow and black). Normally a rescued insect is always grateful and immediately flies away. But this little fucker decided to sting me. As an indication of how nice of a human I am, I flung the wasp away so it could sting another day. The sting wasn't too bad, though it hurt for about fifteen minutes and caused one of the joints of my right ring finger to be noticeably swollen for the rest of the day.
Later in the day, I saw an identical wasp drowning in the pool, and this time I took the opportunity to snap a photograph before rescuing her (this time using the pool net).
When Gretchen returned from class today, she had a bag of groceries from the Super Montezuma. This included two loaves of bread, orange juice, a bag of prepared hummus, corn chips, broccoli, and chalupas. Not wanting to cook, Gretchen turned the task over to me, and I made the usual bean glurp. I was alarmed to find a great many dead fruit-fly-like insects mixed in the rice, though I managed to pick most of the tiny corpses out.
Over dinner, Gretchen told me about the dysfunction she'd just learned about at the language school she has been attending. It seems the mother of the owner lives on-site and is something of a kleptomaniac. Not only this, but she's been blaming other members of the staff for things that have gone missing, though witnesses have seen her wearing stolen items and happened upon obviously stolen food in her refrigerator. This is probably why we've never gotten the earbuds that Chris mailed us from Lake Arenal; she mailed them to the language school, where it seems they were immediately stolen out of the mail pile.

A wasp similar to the one that stung me today. I rescued this one after snapping this photograph.

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