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   landlording from afar and new snacks to try
Tuesday, February 19 2019

location: Casa Trogon, Agua Vista Lodging, Montezuma, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

Our tenant at the Brewster Street house got in contact with Gretchen yesterday via text (I'm not sure how that works when one is out of the country and has turned off the data plan) to complain about an outlet going bad in the kitchen. The work around until we get back was an extension cord, easy enough. But today she complained that all sorts of outlets in the house were no longer working, including both 240 volt outlets: the one powering the dryer and the one powering the water heater. The fact that about half the 120v outlets weren't working and none of the 240v were suggested to me that one of the two hot wires from the pole had somehow become detached, and that it might actually be a Central Hudson problem. But then Central Hudson supposedly showed up and said it wasn't their problem, though I was dubious. Had they even opened the circuit breaker box? This evening I was asking these questions and Gretchen was turning them into texts, to a certain point. But beyond that, she didn't want to talk about the problem any more. It's not the kind of landlording stress one needs when one is out of the country for a month.
We didn't even bother preparing dinner tonight. Earlier in the day, I'd made myself some leftover rice and beans. Then later I'd invented a new instant (and possibly low-carb) snack: slices of Tofurky rolled around slices of Follow Your Heart mozzarella "cheese." I ate maybe three of those. Later this evening, I developed another quickie snack: a flat corn chalupa topped with a thin layer of refried red bean paste (it looks exactly like fecal material) and a slice of vegan cheese, all toasted in the microwave (which, like many things in the casita, doesn't work perfectly; the little turntable does not turn, meaning your food tends to be striped with hot and cold bands depending on where the nodes of the 2.4GHz heating wave happen to fall).

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