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   February 2019

01: eating in a cloud of incense - Dinner experience at Organico, Montezuma, Costa Rica.
02: sunset at Santa Teresa - On the west side of the Nicoya Peninsula.
03: gallo pinto in Santa Teresa - Also: a health food store in a beach town in Costa Rica.
04: photos and grumbling - What it's like working on a terrible project remotely in the tropics.
05: Costa Rican turtlehounds - Attending a release of bay sea turtles just northeast of Montezuma.
06: trogon sees me naked - I look up from my shower and see a beautiful tropical bird. Also: rewatching Office Space.
07: not a good wild banana - I make the mistake of trying to eat a banana from the banana tree near the pool.
08: don't overplan my beach vacation - In the redacted section I actually compare my life to that of a man who annihilated his family.
09: not taking the ferry to Jaco - And yes, I do get bored.
10: back across a choppy gulf - Having seen a sloth and a nightjar, Gretchen returns across waves stirred up in the night.
11: second-hand experiences - I don't necessarily want to know what the neighbors are up to, but I do.
12: wildlife distractions - It's hard to solve tricky tech problems when monkeys keep showing up.
13: Montezuma River gorge - Gretchen shows me the rough terrain a little south of our casita.
14: Costa Rican Valentine's Day - Where we found this year's most important pizza dinner.
15: penis versus camera - A poolside mishap. Also, I look up from the pool and see an albino bat hanging from the ceiling again.
16: Samara Beach - Driving diagonally across the Nicoya Peninsula to celebrate my 51st birthday.
17: the demand for auto repair on the Nicoya Peninsula - And how we averted a minor tragedy.
18: ungrateful wasp - Another poolside mishap. And a kleptomaniac terrorizes a language school.
19: landlording from afar and new snacks to try - Electrical problems at Brewster Street. And something for the low-carb vegan in your life.
20: makeshift reservoir - Plastic pipes along the lower Montezuma River gorge carry pressurized water. Also, a skin-eating wasp.
21: Montezuma mafia - How a dusty village outside the reach of the law runs itself.
22: parrots and toucans - A spectacular day of birds, coatimundis and Wanda the Albino Bat.
23: Kyle the painting contractor - We meet another of Andy's students. Also, we visit the biggest of the Montezuma River's waterfalls.
24: how we saw the Playa Naranja ferry - Getting back to mainland Costa Rica from the Nicoya Peninsula.
25: maybe I don't like dark roast - Touring a coffee plantation and flying back home.
26: 911 not called - Following a swerving car home.
27: wooed over a burrito - Starting to feel good about my job after months spent working on a hellish project.
28: like a goatse joke - The new Mercy For Animals logo.