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Wednesday, February 6 2019

location: Casa Trogon, Agua Vista Lodging, Montezuma, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

As I worked today, I also watched a copy of Office Space that I had downloaded (thanks!) after punfully captioning that photo of all the coatimundis "looks like we're having a case of the coatimundis!" on Facebook. I don't know that I'd ever watched all of Office Space since seeing it in a theatre with Bathtubgirl soon after it came out. Back then, I was new to office life (and software development), so absurdities satirized in Office Space were all fresh and familiar. The movie holds up well 20 years later even though it lacks cellphones and flatscreens. As for the hybrid of DOS and Macintosh OS 7 depicted on the office workstations, I wonder if that was done deliberately to give nerds something to gripe about, since it is so gratuitous.
Late this afternoon just before Gretchen was to head off to her Spanish class, I was eating chalupas (which, here at least, are five-inch disks of corn similar to a taco shell that has never been bent) with some cashew cheese we'd gotten at that healthfood store in Santa Teresa and a dash of sofrito sauce. It was a good combination, though I suspect that "cheese" makes everything it comes into contact with delicious.

My fascination with the Chris Watts case continues, even though I've pretty much watched everything about on YouTube of any quality. (At this point, I'm left with weird conspiracy theories involving the mistress Nichol Kessinger and videos connecting it all to the imminent return of Christ Jesus.) One of the things I recently learned was that on the night of the murders, Chris Watts was doing internet research about oxycodone. Perhaps he intended to kill some or all of the members of his family with narcotic overdoses. Supposedly Shanann Watts got a prescription of time-release 80 mg oxycodones for her neck pain, and, if processed, this could be used to overdose a child. One method of administering oxycodones quickly is to introduce them sublingually, that is, in contact with the profusion of capillaries directly under the tongue. As the YouTube video I watched on this subject pointed out, it would be difficult to kill a child with this method, as oxycodone is likely to strike a young child as "yucky." So Chris Watts instead turned to suffocation and strangulation as his murder method of choice. [REDACTED]

Later as I was taking a shower in the semi-outdoor shower area, I happened to look up and see a trogon sitting there on a branch only about ten feet away. Trogons have weak legs and so pretty much stay put once they're perched somewhere (to reposition themselves they have to fly), so I was able not only to get the camera, but I was also able to manually focus it, which I had to do since the camera for some reason I was more interested in the vegetation than I was in the colorful tropical bird. It turned out the bird was likely a black-headed trogon.

This evening Gretchen and I (mostly I) made rice and bean glurp, which we ate with lettuce and broccoli (the latter of which we steamed in the rice maker while making the rice). We ate this with Mejitos Fiesta-brand tortilla extra grande corn chips, the best corn chips we've found so far in Costa Rica.

The pervy black-headed trogon who watched me showering this afternoon.

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