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Friday, February 8 2019

location: Casa Trogon, Agua Vista Lodging, Montezuma, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

This morning I drove down into "downtown" Montezuma by myself to get some supplies. I'd just exhausted the last of our stockpiles of fair trade coffee, and last night I'd polished off the last of the rum. I bought a litre of Cortez Ron de Panama. Like all the other rums I available for purchase at Super Montezuma, this product was a little weaker than the 40% standard one finds in the United States. Some were as low as 30% alcohol, though Cortez was 35%. I also got a loaf of the multigrain bread we love, a little 80g can of pickled jalape&ntild;o peppers, as well as a bag of the Mejitos corn chips. While there, I also went to the hardware aisle to buy a 60 watt lightbulb and a light socket that can be plugged into an outlet. This was to help Gretchen read at night in the comfy outdoor place near the pool; up until now she's been forced to use a cellphone as a flashlight. At this point I'm so used to 120 volt bulbs being LEDs that I just assumed this one I'd bought was an LED bulb, since it didn't look like a CF bulb. But it turned out to be an incandescent bulb. I don't think I'd bought one of those since 2002 or 2003.

I made good progress on that cursed Electron app today. At this point, I'm down to debugging why certain fields aren't showing up in a pipe-delimited "CSV" being generated for consumption by a stored procedure written to do a bulk import.

This evening Gretchen and I made a pot of wholewheat spaghetti. She fried up a pan of cauliflower while I fried up a pan of oyster mushrooms (which Gretchen dislikes for being "too fungal"). I could tell we were eating early because it wasn't even dark when we began. When I turned off the light to go to sleep, it wasn't even 8:00pm yet.

Agnes the agouti eating a carrot top I'd thrown into the yard (click to enlarge). Though we've been strongly cautioned not to feed the wildlife, I've been deliberately placing crumbs, rice grains, and occasional corn chips in the yard so as to encourage more frequent wildlife visits. The pack of coatimundis are now coming through at least twice a day now, and today I also felt like I was being stalked by some social flycatchers, though they had no interest in the corn chips and peanuts I threw at them.

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