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Thursday, January 16 2020
Yesterday as she made herself dinner, Gretchen had been craving vegetable matter. But our house had been unusually devoid of vegetables. So at noon today I made a run to the Red Hook Hannaford mostly just to buy vegetables. At this point in our lives, Gretchen and I mostly buy organic vegetables, but I tend to be less dogmatic about this, and always try to buy something non-organic. I would say this is to save money, but I never pay attention to what things cost when I am shopping for groceries (and I've been this way much longer than I've had a steady paycheck). I think it's more that, while I find organic farming preferable to the other kind, I think the goods it has have fewer implications for our health than Gretchen thinks it does. This contributes some lingering obstinacy to ours being the kind of household that only buys organic produce.
When I got home from work this afternoon, I made another firewood salvaging run to the base of the escarpment 150 feet southwest of the stone wall. The wood I salvaged had already been cut up, so I didn't even bring a saw.
Gretchen's birthday is happening this weekend, so tonight Nancy to Gretchen out to a music show at the Colony Café Meanwhile I stayed home and slowly made a small painting based on a white bat named Wanda, one of our animal acquaintances from the month we spent in Costa Rica last year.

Today's painting. It probably wouldn't be too interesting as a double-flip pattern.

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