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   free will and Bubby's vs Yum Yum
Friday, January 24 2020
I hadn't gone out for lunch from work for over a month, so, since the weather was pretty good by January standards, I decided to go for it today. When I set out (on foot), my initial goal was to go to the Red Hook Yum Yum, a restaurant I had never been to before. Back when I first got my present job, the Yum Yum brand was tainted from their Kingston and Woodstock locations. But in recent months, Gretchen rediscovered the Kingston Yum Yum and both of us have had good meals there. So I wanted to try the Red Hook location. But as I drew closer to the middle of Red Hook, I realized that I really just wanted a Bubby's burrito. The Impossible Burger at Yum Yum is delicious, but it was greasier than the food I had a hankering for. Say what you want to about a Bubby's burrito, they're never greasy. Whether it was free will or the bubbling up of some subconscious motive, my course was altered and I ate that Bubby's burrito.
Temperatures were in the 40s by the time I got home, which is about as good as one can ever expect in January. So I immediately took the dogs on a walk down the Stick Trail, bringing my chainsaw and firewood backpack. I walked a fairly good distance (perhaps a third of a mile) down the trail before I came to my first standing skeletal oak. It was smallish, maybe only ten inches in diameter near the first place I made a cut. To bring it down, I had to saw through it in multiple places, and each time it would drop and then hang up in one tree or another. Eventually I had it down to a size and verticality where I could just push it over with my hands. Using only about a quarter of the freshly-felled wood, I managed to make a load that I could comfortably carry back home. Though it was a little contaminated by snow, it was quickly dried by the fire and available for immediate use.

Gretchen returned from Baltimore a little after 7:00pm. She had a lot of stories from the booksellers' convention, but since they concerned authors and bookselling arcania, I didn't find them particularly interesting.

Driving homeward on Wyncoop this afternoon towards Hurley Mountain Road.

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