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Sunday, January 26 2020
The day ended up being sunny and fairly warm, with temperatures in the 40s. So in the late morning, I went down the Stick Trail to get a third load of salvaged firewood from that tree I'd cut down on Friday. This time I didn't need to bring my saw. The wood had gained a fair amount of surface moisture from yesterday's drenching rains, so all of it would need to be dried off near the stove.
Later I made a second firewood-salvaging foray, this time west of the Farm Road. I found a dry skeletonized red oak that was no more than five inches thick and dry despite yesterday's rain. I managed to make a full backpack load just from that.
Back at the house, I took all my clothes off and gave myself a haircut in the dining room using a couple small ornate mirrors Gretchen's parents had handed off to her when they'd met her recently in Baltimore. The haircut took only about ten minutes and was much more to my liking than my last haircut, a 90-minute ordeal performed by a professional.
While still naked, I undertook a small cleaning jihad to get the house ready for our friend Andrea, who would be arriving this afternoon from Washington, DC. Once I was all done with that, I finally took the shower that would wash away any annoying hair segments from my back.
I thought I'd have a little down time after that, so I made myself a nice cup of kratom tea. But my reverie was cut short by the news that out houseguest would be arriving on an earlier bus than initially thought.
So at a little after 4:00pm, I drove to the Kingston bus station with Ramona to pick up Andrea. She'd lived with us for some weeks back in the spring of 2017, so she hadn't seen some things such as the results of our kitchen remodeling and the screened-in porch. So I gave a little tour of those things and made Andrea a cup of tea while waiting for Gretchen to say it was time for us to meet her and Neville for dinner in Woodstock.
The three of us humans (along with Neville and Ramona) had dinner, as you probably anticipated, at the Garden Café. In the aftermath of India and the noodle party, I've been craving Mexican food, so I ordered the black bean burrito. It's better than it used to be, probably because it now seems to contain vegan sour cream.

Back at the house, Gretchen and Andrea began what would be a multi-day Claws marathon, which was supposedly the main purpose of her visit.

Ramona and Neville under our table at the Garden this evening.

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