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Friday, April 3 2020
Today we had an all-hands video conference for the people in my company, all of whom are working remote. Initially nobody had their video on except me, but then everyone turned it on, and Joe (the technician) appeared briefly in a mask so absurd-looking that I thought it was digitally-generated filter (the kind used by kids in SnapChat so they can wear digital-only mustaches and hats). But no, it was a real mask, a knock-off of one used by doctors during Medieval plagues. It features a long bill so that doctors could put strong-smelling herbs in the bill and not have to smell death with every inhalation.
I actually managed to get some work done today, partly because my tax importer now contained a bad bug I'd inadvertantly introduced, and it was my job to find and fix it. And then I even did some work for the big project that I mostly just want to procrastinate.

Meanwhile Gretchen has been hobbled by various pulled muscles in her legs and groin, and walking funny has caused other problems. So I had to take the dogs for their walk this morning. Later this afternoon, I was feeling a bit cooped-up from sitting in front of a computer for so long. So I went a short distance down the Stick Trail and worked on a large existing cairn at the top of a low cliff above the Chamomile gorge.

The cairn I worked on today, with the Chamomile gorge in the background.

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