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   April 2020

01: tenantzilla - The coronavirus has an amazing power to change everything.
02: Jonathan installs cable - We finally get real broadband.
03: not a digitally-generated filter - A colleague briefly wears a plague mask on camera.
04: a grocery store in a pandemic - We leave lockdown to get carry-out as well as some groceries.
05: multi-hundred-pound Jenga set - The risks of building a tall cairn. Also, my own Windows 10 Professional workstation.
06: cantilever at the top of the cliff - At the abandoned bluestone quarry, I see where a raven is nesting beneath a cantilevered overhang on a cliff, a cantilever Neville the dog then decides to walk upon.
07: hold music and AppleTV - It's looking like Spectrum didn't set us up with any form of DVR, but there's no way we'll ever go back to watching live television.
08: bookstore in a pandemic - The one in Woodstock is doing better than you might expect.
09: a layer of hell Spectrum seems to specialize in - Cable might not be the best way to get television these days.
10: Spectrum: the infuriating and the seemingly-competent - Stuck with an AppleTV while I make a coronavirus meme.
11: Ghettoford in the pandemic - On a doomed matzoh run, we find not all the cashiers are wearing masks, but most of the customers are.
12: vernal weather teeter - Sometimes it's warm enough to be outside, sometimes I need to have a fire. Also, potato pancakes and homemade sour cream.
13: power outages and a bad VPN facilitate procrastination - A stormy day and some unexpected good news from Wisconsin.
14: not braving the workplace compound's common toilet - Gretchen needs alone time, but I'm nervous doing my workday in an empty office because of exposure to shared public surfaces.
15: mysterious cleaning jihad - Followed by a meal comprised partly of stovetop rice.
16: paperwork in a pandemic - Of course Spectrum forced Gretchen to go to an office to fill out paperwork in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.
17: television antennas in 2020 - Not necessarily your grandfather's yagi.
18: Bittorrent Jeopardy! and Indian food - Another date night during the pandemic after a cool day that involved tinkering with a heat-pump-powered hot water heater.
19: entertained by Chernobyl - I finally get around to watching the HBO miniseries on a nice spring day.
20: lots of Connecticut television in the air - A non-directional television antenna finds lots of channels, but none of them carry Jeopardy!.
21: pandemic dequilling adventure - Ramona can't get through the pet door with a faceful of porcupine quills.
22: not even having to Bittorrent Jeopardy - Maybe I won't have to record over-the-air television after all. Also, my eBay oximeter seems to work.
23: inject that disinfectant - I don't think I'm particularly good at my job right now. And Donald Trump comes up with a brilliant new way to fight the coronavirus.
24: Google Hangouts on Spectrum cable - Resorting to a phone line for audio while trying to telesocialize.
25: pandemic picnic - Impossible Burgers on the east bank of the Wallkill River.
26: chili lupper and chili-fries - Reheated fries turn out to be perfect for the latter.
27: Zoom birthday party - We join Gretchen's mother with over 20 other people in a video-based party.
28: pandemic car purchase - We drive to Connecticut to pick up a lightly-used Nissan Leaf.
29: multiple brownhouse visits - The first time I can think of when I shat while lying on my back.
30: coronavirus schedule conflict - Landlording and attending a remote meeting at the same time.