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Wednesday, April 22 2020
This afternoon I took a break from my humming computer equipment and went for a walk down the Farm Road. About half way to its end, I went off the road south on the west edge of the wetland just to the road's west (there's also a wetland to the east of the Farm Road in the same area). From there, I climbed the escarpment as quickly as I could and then used an oximeter I'd recently bought (via eBay) to measure my blood-oxygen level. It briefly gave a reading of 79% and a pulse rate of 117/minute. This was good; it indicated that the oximeter might actually detect a situation where my blood-oxygen drops to an unhealthy level. Normally, of course, I've been testing my oxygen levels when I'm at rest, and the numbers are always a healthy 98% or 99%. But should I develop a creeping case of Covid-19, I might not even know until I get a suspiciously low oxygen reading.

Gretchen returned this afternoon from Woodstock with another big bag of carry-out from the Garden Café. She'd gotten me a Beyond Burger with potato wedges and herself three tacos made with cabbage and mushrooms. But the mushrooms proved "too fungal" for her, and she ended up eating leftovers instead. So I had the tacos and saved my Beyond Burger for tomorrow. Tonight we watched a two-day-old episode of Jeopardy! I'd downloaded not with Bittorrent but from one of those sketchy download sites where they severely throttle the bandwidth unless you pay them (which I didn't do; I could wait the two hours for the file to arrive). I'd found the episode simply by searching for a file name in the "Jeopardy.YYYY.MM.DD.720p.HDTV.x264-NTb.mkv" pattern defined by Jeopardy! torrenting hero "cptnkirk" for a day beyond his most recent available uploads (in this case "Jeopardy.2020.04.20.720p.HDTV.x264-NTb.mkv"). I don't know why Google is allowing such files to be found, but I certainly won't be one of the people complaining. Jeopardy! is the only reason I'm having to go through the considerable bother of trying to record over-the-air broadcast channels. But if episodes of Jeopardy! are going to be this easy to obtain, that project might join my considerable collection of unfinished ones.

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