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Sunday, April 12 2020
The weather today teetered on a cusp between pleasant enough for being outside in the sun and requiring a woodstove fire. It started pleasant enough, but then clouds blew in and blotted out the sun, so I made a fire for Gretchen and Neville in the living room. I then went out on a firewood salvaging run down the Stick Trail that didn't even take me as far the Chamomile. I found a nice fallen white ash on the slope above the trail and managed to nearly cut two chunks out of it before the battery on my saw died. The one piece I managed to cut, combined with some pieces cut weeks before, made for a reasonable backpack load, one I immediately had to split into smaller pieces. Gretchen watched me splitting the wood from the living room and, as I brought the pieces in, commented that I looked "sexy" splitting wood. I think anyone who is competent at a task looks sexier doing it than they would otherwise appear to be.
Later Gretchen made potato pancakes from a dehydrated mix produced by the Manischewitz company. Combined with roast cauliflower and faux sour cream (which Gretchen made from scratch), they made for a delicious Passover-season meal. While dining, we sat in the teevee room watching part of an episode of Shark Tank via one of our several media devices.

I'm still psychologically unsettled by the fact that I can't seem to do anything with an internet-connected computer except read articles related to the ongoing pandemic. This evening in the bathtub, I did my best to force myself to only read about issues related to microcontrollers. And when I got out, I managed to force myself to create some documentation for the project I am supposed to be working on to earn my pay. It was Sunday night, which was outside of normal working hours. But I needed to do something to demonstrate some progress on that project.

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