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Tuesday, February 1 2022
I took a recreational dose of pseudoephedrine this morning so I could better focus on understanding pipelines in Azure DevOps. This ended up working fairly well, which was important to carry me through the drudgery of numerous experiments using different permutations of a pipeline as kept trying to see it place files on a web server that I was connected to via Remote Desktop.
Meanwhile, it seems we've become one of those families that outsources the cleaning of our house (at least the one in Hurley) to "a swarm of Mexicans." Today three Latina women showed up and did a deep clean of the living room, kitchen, dining room, and upstairs master bedroom suite. Since this wasn't the first time they'd done this, it only took a couple hours. Originally Gretchen justified this with concerns about hygiene related to Powerful's recent heart transplant, which renders him especially vulnerable to infection. But I have a feeling that these cleanings will continue even after he's gone (assuming that ever happens). Gretchen loves the results, and we're all too busy with our lives to put in the necessary effort to do it ourselves. Also, we can easily afford it, at least while my salary stays what it is.

I didn't have my breakthrough with Azure DevOps until a little after 4:00pm, when I finally saw build artifacts in a directory on the server that I knew had been empty. After that, I felt free to celebrate with booze, which I perhaps overindulged in. That's easy to do when you've taken recreational stimulants, even the not-all-that-fun kind you can get without a prescription.

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