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Saturday, February 26 2022
Powerful joined Gretchen and me for our usual Saturday morning coffee & Spelling Bee ritual. He even had a cup of coffee. After that, he took a load of trash and recycling to the Hurley transfer station. The Bolt was already loaded because Gretchen had tried to take it there yesterday and had shown up after it had closed. He ended up having to come back to get cash to get cash for the trash part of the load.
Powerful's gout had been flaring up but he must've been feeling much better today, because then he took his Prius on a run into town mostly just to get out of the house. With him gone, Gretchen thought she might actually be able to have some alone time if I left too. So I drove the Forester across the Hudson to get more stuff from the office in Red Hook. I managed to stuff the two enormous blue bean bags into the back and then strap four of the windowed door dividers to the roof. Though I wasn't actually stealing this stuff, since it all must be disposed of, I still felt a little like a criminal as I carried these things out of the office and loaded them into the Forester. The groundskeeper guy was there for a freakish Saturday shift, and I didn't want him asking questions, because I knew that I would surely come across as a criminal if questioned. There were also parents dropping off or picking up kids from the music school that's in the same office complex, but they were nearly as oblivious to me as the English sparrows.
On the way home, I got a sixpack of Hazy Little Thing at the Stewarts on the south end of Red Hook so I'd have a road beer. I also added a third strap to the load of four glass doors on my roof rack. There were an unusually large number of state troopers prowling the highways, and this kept me from cracking open a road beer until after a detour to the Tibetan Center thrift store, where I made no purchases.
Back at the house, I dragged the two enormous bean bags into the living room and soon had encouraged Ramona and Neville to snuggle in one of them. Gretchen said she thought they were "uncomfortable," though I couldn't see how that could possibly be the case. Our plan for now is to put them in the upstairs bedroom at the cabin, which is the only indoor space we have that is suitably large and devoid of furniture.
Somewhat before 8:00pm, climbing into bed for some diphenhydramine-enhanced sleep.

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