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   snow, tub time and African stew
Friday, February 25 2022
About four inches of snow fell by the time I looked outside this morning. It turned out to be non-fluffy granular snow that was nevertheless fairly dry and non-sticky, so it was easy to shovel. Gretchen started the shoveling and completed maybe a quarter of it at around noon, and then this afternoon I finished it. The hardest part was shoveling soggy snow out of a puddle that had formed across the driveway about 20 feet from Dug Hill Road. Thankfully it was warmer today, with temperatures reaching into the upper 30s Fahrenheit.
Meanwhile in the remote workplace, I finally was able to deploy a Docker container to AWS Fargate that could communicate successfully with a DynamoDB database, both reading and writing to it from Razor web form. I'm still all thumbs when it comes to developing in C#, but I gradually becoming familiar with how it all works. It's now second nature to me, for example, that additions to a repository that descends from an interface requires changes to the interface as well. And today I figured out that it doesn't matter what directory structure is used for the source files, dotnet finds everything and puts it together so long as they're somewhere in the project directory.

This evening while I was having "tub time," Gretchen made an African stew with couscous made with canned corn. The stew itself contained peanut butter, lima beans, carrots, green beans, and various other odds and ends. It was great, though not quite as great as the African stew Gretchen made a month or so ago.


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