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Wednesday, February 9 2022
I've been actually working during my work days, which feels more sustainable than the alternative. Today I even managed to ask a question on StackOverflow that produced information that allowed me to solve a problem (as opposed to the usual result of asking StackOverflow a question: humiliation). I hadn't been sure where exactly the "agents" in a Azure DevOps pipeline were running, and I needed this information to solve an error I was suddenly getting in all my pipelines: "The reference assemblies for .NETFramework,Version=v4.6.1 were not found." I had to know where the code was running in order to install the missing framework. From responses to my StackOverflow question, I learned that the agents are run on a virtual Microsoft server and not on my target web server, and the particulars of the software on that server can change. I'd been using "windows-latest," which had been "Windows 2019," but evidently Microsoft is in the process of rolling out a change that will make "windows-latest" into "Windows 2022."

Nearly three months after moving in with us for a second time, Powerful seems pretty much back to normal these days. Today he went to drive his Prius, and it wouldn't start. So I came out and jump started it. I showed how this is done, because Powerful might have to do himself some day. I'd like to see a chart showing various activities that I feel like I have always known how to do, each with the fraction of the American population knows how to do them. I say this knowing that, for example, Gretchen had made it into her 50s without ever learning how to either change a car tire or flush a toilet using a bucket of water (that last one she actually knew how to do, though she'd thought she had to pull the lever when doing it).

This evening I made a big pot of chili. This time I used tempeh as the "meat," though I found when I opened it that it was the kind marinaded in Buffalo hot sauce. That's not the kind of thing I would buy except by mistake, but I used it anyway, and it turned out perfectly fine when pan-seared the way I like to prepare it.
This evening I watched the first episode of a documentary series by W. Kamau Bell entitled We Need to Talk About Cosby. Gretchen ended up bingeing the entire series, but I'd taken diphenhydramine and had to climb in bed at my customary single-digit hour. I didn't know all that much about Bill Cosby, so I found the backstory of where he'd come from and his early career interesting. Most of that first episode didn't touch on the rape-ier parts of his curriculum vitæ.

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