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Tuesday, February 15 2022
This evening Gretchen was doing prep work for my birthday pizza a day early while I was in the bathtub trying to read the latest issue of Nuts & Volts. The readership of that magazine skews old, so they don't do what, say, Make Magazine does: printing white text in thin sans-serif fonts on light grey backgrounds. But it still proved impossible to read with the light available. I'd dunk my glasses in the hot water and be able to read for a few seconds and then the fog would start to re-form and I'd have to dunk again. It was too much trouble.
Gretchen ended up actually making the pizza tonight even though it was the night before my actual birthday. I had a couple slices while watching some Jeopardy! with Gretchen (a conventional episode, and a half of one of the college championship episodes, which are now an hour-long and outside the usual Jeopardy! schedule).
At some point I'd solved all of the day's New York Times Spelling Bee (panagram "ladybug") down to the everything but the last word all by myself. Gretchen had been solving it separately, so I was pretty sure that between us by then we'd together reached the status of Queen Bee, meaning we'd found all the words. So I had Gretchen refresh the Spelling Bee on her computer, saying that it would bring the kind of joy appropriate to a couple in their 50s. Sure enough, we were Queen Bee. Later Gretchen started improvising a little ditty about being Queen Bee and solving Wordle "in three" (which she'd also done today). It would be total cringe for our younger selves, but at our age it's something to fully embrace.

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