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   a failure to get much exercise
Thursday, February 17 2022 [REDACTED]

Before going out last night for my birthday, I'd done a little "pregame" drinking. And then I drank those two margaritas. But then I'd drunk water and more or less sobered up before going to bed. Usually when I do that, I do not experience a hangover the next day. But I'm getting older, and I guess that was too much, because all throughout today I had intestinal complaints typical of a gut-based hangover. I also had some dysphoria and at one point felt the need to lie down on the dog bed in the laboratory (the closest thing in there to a couch) and just passively watch an episode of True Crime Loser on YouTube (the one about the cryptobandits Ilya Lichtenstein and Heather Morgan). Despite all that, I attended all the meetings I needed to and even made some advances on the Fargate/DynamoDB project I've been given.

In the late afternoon, I thought I'd feel better if I went for a walk. So I strolled up the Farm Road and back. It made me feel so much better that it occurred to me that perhaps some of my problem was just a failure to get much exercise.

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