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   how I will route the new split's refrigerant pipes
Thursday, January 4 2024
Early this afternoon I took a recreational 150mg dose of pseudoephedrine and then painted a small painting of a magical blue and pink crab so I would be able to drink booze (and further test my cheap breathalyzer, now that I've figured out how to use it).
The pseudoephedrine had me wanting to work more on the spec project, and in so doing I eventually built out a generic system for putting an editor form in an overlay (that is, a DIV with absolute positioning) to make quick-and-dirty entity editors that behave like modal windows. Since the form itself was being built by an existing function, one that assumed a normal form submission (the kind that navigates to another page), I had to alter that functionality by adding an onclick event to the submit button overriding the form's normal behavior. Then I needed an all-Javascript function to read the form data and send it off to the form processor via AJAX. I could've written such a function myself, but these days I outsource such work to ChatGPT. (Interestingly, though, there was a minor flaw with the code generated, as it didn't take advantage of selectedIndex when reading SELECT form elements, using a less-efficient for loop instead.)

This afternoon, I started doing the first steps of installing the new mini-split that will be going in Gretchen's first floor office. That office shares a wall with both the garage and the laboratory (this is because the laboratory's floor is two feet lower than the other floors on the top floor of the house). My plan is to route the copper coolant pipes through the laboratory (where they will run parallel to many other pipes, including those carrying hyrdronic fluid up to the rooftop solar panel and through the two upstairs heating zones) and then out through the east wall to where the outdoor unit will be. Since some heat is wasted in the long run of pipe connecting the two halves of a split together, it seems best to run as much of that pipe through interior space (such as the laboratory) as possible. Today, though, all I managed to do was take some measurements.
Then I ended up staying up very late drinking booze, eating a couple nuggets of cannabis, and watching YouTube videos while I did some physical-therapy exercises to recover some of the lost range of motion in my left shoulder. This might've been the first time I've ever been on cannabis, booze, pseudoephedrine, and diphenhydramine at the same time. The diphenhyrdamine was clearly overwhelmed by the other drugs and had little effect. (Normally if I'm taking cannabis, I do not take diphenhydramine, because what fun is cannabis if you fall asleep while on it?)

Today's crab painting. Click to enlarge.

Four crabs! Click to enlarge.

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