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   going to have to up my roofing game
Friday, January 5 2024
Early this afternoon I drove out to the brick mansion on Downs Street to investigate some roof leak issues. This meant going up to the third floor and talking to the new tenant in that apartment, whose name is Matt. The main thing I'd come to check out was a leak through the skylight, which is the very highest part of the peaked slate roof. There's a small loft and a bed under the skylight, and Matt said that during the torrential rains a month or so ago, a drenching leak had appeared on the side of the skylight. Fortunately, he said it hasn't leaked before or since, suggesting that unusual conditions were at play (the torrential nature of the downpour). More disturbing were reports of other leaks from the valleys, including the one I'd cleared debris from. They don't leak much, but they leak any time there is a substantial rain. It's often just a few drops on the floor. But clearly more needs to be done to address the valleys than clear debris from them. It looks like I'm going to have to up my roofing game, since it's impossible right now to get professional roofers to do anything except completely replace a roof (particularly if it's a less mainstream technology like slate).
After that, I went to Hannaford mostly to get more Chobani oat milk (it's by far the best kind), white beans of various kinds, antacids, tofu, tempeh, and diphenhydramine. While there, I ran into Nancy, who was getting provisions (including 1% cow's milk) before the arrival of a snowstorm. We chatted for a surprisingly long time right there in the main aisle past the cash registers.
After getting more bottom-shelf booze for the laboratory, I went to the bank and put $340 in cash into our checking account. I have an unemployment cash card that gets money put on it every week, but it would be more convenient for that money to go into our checking account. Unfortunately, I can't successfully set that up no matter what I try. So now I get cash after I make every purchase at any store where you can get cash with your groceries.
Back at the house, I did lots of measuring and then installed a metal mounting bracket for the indoor part of the new split that will be heating Gretchen's first floor office. I also successfully drilled a pilot hole into the laboratory along the route that the refrigerant pipes will follow.


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