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Thursday, January 11 2024
I took pseudoephedrine this morning wondering if it might help me with the split installation project. But once on it, I mostly just procrastinated on that by doing other things, such as further fine-tuning the UI on that spec web app I've been building. Also painted a small painting (though not as small as usual; it measured four by six inches) of a magical hippopotamus in a magical landscape. This unlocked the ability for me to drink today; this started as a road beer on the drive out to Herzog's just to get spray foam and some anchor screws suitable for installing in concrete. Neville came along on this drive, though Charlotte decided to stay home with Gretchen.
On the way home, I went out of my way to visit the Tibetan Center thrift store, which I hadn't been to in months. It's not as fun as it used to be before they shrank the main part of the store, though there are still treasures to be found in the chaos of the small "barns" out back. They seemed to have recently gotten a sudden influx of dash-mounted GPS devices for automobiles dating to the period before smartphones came along and made such devices superfluous.
As I drove homeward on Hurley Mountain Road approaching Kaufman's Waterfall, I saw three bald eagles (one of which was immature and didn't have a white head) had landed out in the field to the southeast. Perhaps they were eating carrion (which I've read that they do on occasion). I don't think I've ever seen a bald eagle on the ground before.

Back at the house, I never got around to do any more with the split installation project.
At some point this evening, I was managed to join Charlotte on the beanbag when she was lying there by herself. Normally she gets stressed out if I join her and she's not already with Neville or Gretchen, and she'll get up and leave. But this time, for the first time ever, she stayed. Soon I had Diane on me, and it really felt like I we were all breaking new ground in getting along with each other. But then Gretchen came in, and Charlotte decided she wanted to go be with her.

Today's painting. Click to enlarge.

The double flip version. Click to enlarge.

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