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   a tight ship at the Hurely transfer station
Wednesday, January 24 2024
I was supposed to load the Bolt with trash and recycling this morning so that Gretchen could take it to the Hurley transfer station on her way to her bookstore shift in Woodstock today. But I forgot, so after Gretchen left, I ran this stuff over to the transfer station myself. I hadn't been there in years, and the staff is totally different. The new guys seem to be running a tighter ship, with two of them separately asking where my dumping permit was. The first accepted my truthful explanation that it was on my wife's car. But the other was more of a hardass and said that if I didn't have it next time I'd have to pay a $10 fee. It was a good thing I hadn't brought the dogs and turned them loose there, which was what I used to do.
Back at the house, the oil leak from the refrigerant lines on the new mini-split seemed to have completely stopped. I'm not sure what exactly happened, but the split seems to be working nicely, even if the large outdoor unit is considerably louder than our Mitsubishi outdoor units. (That won't be much of a problem, because we will probably never use this unit for cooling in warm weather, when loud air conditioners are more annoying.)

Later, over the course of a few short sessions, I painted a small (four by four inch) painting of Charlotte in the snow using a very restrained palette. [REDACTED]

Today's painting of Charlotte. Click to enlarge.

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