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Monday, January 8 2024
Maybe I would've driven to Home Depot to get the supplies I need for the split installation project were it not for the fact that Gretchen had the car and the unemployment card all day while she was working at the bookstore in Woodstock. Instead I sat at my computer, where I had a meeting with Alex (my old boss) and John the Lawyer about the spec app I've been building. I'm not used to things being unflinchlingly positive about the things I do, but that's how things have been about this app. Perhaps my constant twiddling with it are adding up to something genuinely positive. Mind you, the twiddling is a form of procrastination, something I do to avoid working on the split installation project.

Early this afternoon, I took the dogs on a very short walk on the Farm Road. Charlotte really enjoys bounding around through the snow, often in pursuit of the unusual birds that snow brings. But Neville still has his joint problems, and his limitations limited what I wanted to do.
Speaking of joint issues, today I did a lot of work on my left shoulder, this time following the advice of a different YouTuber. Beyond that, I did what I could to find stupid YouTube videos to watch while I did the various exercises I could do while lying on a beanbag.

Before Gretchen got home this evening, I started work making a chili. It wasn't anything special, though it had an unusually high fraction of pinto beans in it. While we watched Jeopardy!, Gretchen declared it an unusually good chili. She attributed this to the fact that I clearly "wasn't stoned."

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