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Sunday, July 6 1997

    e sat around watching homemade videotapes in the early afternoon when we got out of our various beds. Not much later, Peggy and her friend Beth arrived to pick up Jessika to take her back to Malvernia. Peggy is going to be picking up a station wagon that her mother bought for her in Philadelphia. It's really rather sad to see Jessika go, you know. But she has that medical study to do.

    While Matthew Hart, Deya and Monster Boy debated what actions to take to fill the day, I went off to UVA's Cocke Hall to spend a little time on the shore of my own little world, which the sea of the Internet can lap against without distraction.


    And not much else happened. I returned home in the evening and smoked a little pot by myself (because I can!) and took a nap at around 8pm. I ended up sleeping for 12 hours. The only food I ate today, by the way, was two thighs from Old Virginia Fried Chicken near the JPA Fastmart.

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