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Tuesday, February 2 1999
In the afternoon, the Web Development boss took all of us in the Web Development staff bowling. I didn't want to go; I would have much preferred staying home and doing my own projects. But no, the boss was adamant that we go. I felt terribly patronized by the experience of being forced to go bowling. But who am I to fight such battles? It seems like I'm always saving strength for some really big fight that never seems to come. Or, when it does come, I redefine it into a small battle and continue to wait.
The most humiliating aspect of all this was that the bowling adventure (such as it was) came in lieu of actual cash bonuses. No, we didn't achieve our impossible goals, so no, we didn't get bonuses (unless you count the upgrade of my workplace equipment from 14 inch monitor and 166 MHz Pentium to 19 inch monitor and 350 MHz Pentium II). All those long days and nights and weekends of work, and we were rewarded with a fucking trip to the bowling alley, a trip I would have preferred not to take! The zombie-like state of the castrated cult members at Heaven's Gate was unremarkable mojo, I'm here to tell you.
Circumstances were such that I got a ride home from the bowling alley. I rode (naturally enough, it seems) with the irritatingly overly-motivated member support girl. When the subject of marijuana came up, she was actually horrified to learn co-workers might be smoking the stuff. I've never seen someone in my age group react to this subject in such a distressed way. And this despite the fact that she admits to having smoked pot once a long time ago, presumably before gestating her three living descendants.

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