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   February 1999

01: electric Los Angeles - From the jetplane, I behold the electric beauty of Los Angeles at night.
02: patronizing workplace fun - Practically at gunpoint, we go bowling - instead of getting bonuses, of course.
03: can't eat at familiar fast food restaurants - It's just kind of bad when they can guess what your order is.
04: unusual insecurity - I wonder if Kim is really breaking up with me this time.
05: boys off the leash - Pushing the limits of monogamy and also something about the cancer of jealousy.
06: an easy move - It's a little like Tom Sawyer getting his friends to paint the fence.
07: Henry Fool - A fun weird little movie.
08: massage house deal - I agree to do a web page for Kim's employer.
09: ra ra ree - An embarrassing workplace cheer.
10: wads of toilet paper - My personal cleanliness neuroses.
11: California geese - Geese beg burgers from me on the shore of the San Diego River.
12: I thought it was Thursday - Frost on the grass, leaflets at Qualcom, and hearing Wing's Greatest Hits.
13: whole additional bedroom of understanding - A fascinating book gives me new paradigms to face the world.
14: hey ho, picture show - Some images, including Jessika in Bermuda.
15: nothing in common - Post non-Valentine's Day fallout.
16: San Diego Mardi Gras - I also turn 31.
17: expressing guilty rage - And the joys of the cubicle.
18: narrow-minded money people - To them, I'm useful but undistinguished, like a janitor.
19: strange social situation - The rise and fall of the social status of the Brazilian girls.
20: odd marketing model - The odd marketing model of Fry's Electronics, a review of Office Space and frustrations with computer hardware.
21: princess of the laundry mat - I don't actually think about her much at all.
22: Jupiter and Venus - An impressively-close conjunction in the western sky.
23: Kim tells her story - I publish some of her recent writing.
24: give that bum a beer - The other day I found a bum sleeping under the back stairwell in the company office building.
25: memories of having remembered - No initiative, no nothing.
26: sneaking out of energy - No initiative, no nothing.
27: pushing myself outward - No initiative, no nothing, but I finally head out alone down to Newport.
28: stores versus dumpsters - Everything I buy from the store is nonfunctional while stuff from dumpsters works wonderfully.