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Sunday, February 14 1999
I'm at home, Kim's at work. I'm trying to burst an evil carbunkle on my shoulder and Kim is getting paid to rub bodies. It's Valentine's day, and my vodkatea is appropriately pink in colour.

recent pictures...

My co-worker Al helping Kim and me with our recent move, February 6th 1999.

Kim examines a stylish modern iron sculpture outside the Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla.

Kim worries about whether people can see her panties while a couple walk by on the shoreline below. Note the goosebumps caused by cool ocean breezes. You can't see it in this picture, but the male member of the shoreline couple has a haircut that would have been very cool back in 1982. This section of La Jolla shoreline features treacherous rocky shores and occasional seals, but you cannot see any in this picture.

Me, viewed through various useless Photoshop filters.

and now a little from the "where are they now?" files...

Jessika's mother finally wrote to me after several months of being angry at me for my revealing her daughter's phone number in this journal. It seems Jessika and family went on a vacation to Bermuda this past Christmas, and here are some photographs:

Jessika on a stylish modern iron scooter in Bermuda, Christmas 1998.

Jessika sits on the famed rocky shores of Bermuda.

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