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Wednesday, February 3 1999
When I go to get burgers at work, I used to always get the 99 cent Famous Star from Carl's Jr., a franchise of which is about 200 feet from the office building housing my work environment. When he was in town, Rory was a great booster of the Famous Star, saying it was a superiour burger to the rival Jack in the Box Jumbo Jack. But I stopped going to Carl's Jr. after I walked in one evening and the counter girl knew exactly what I wanted. It's inexplicably disturbing for me to have an employee at such an impersonal restaurant recognize me and know what I want. Furthermore, I decided that the Jack in the Box Jumbo Jack is slightly superiour after all and, what's more, generally made with more craftsmanship.

Speaking of Rory, we got a post card from him the other day. He's still in Mexico all these months later. Evidently he's claimed for himself a small canyon somewhere and, hopeless romantic that he is, he's waiting for his soul mate to just show up randomly some day soon.

some pictures from the recent San Francisco trip:

The intersection of I-5 and I-8 viewed from the air over San Diego, January 30th, 1999.

The Golden Gate Bridge, January 31st, 1999.

From left: Dave's current girlfriend, Annie, and former girlfriend, Kim, with Annie's landlord's energetic Australian Shepherd.

Dave the mountain man with his dog Katie amid the redwoods at Annie's house.

From left: Josh and Spunky Lisa at Annie's house.

San Francisco is full of billboards promoting websites and addressing technology issues. Here's a peculiar billboard that simultaneously bashes Microsoft and increases awareness of Multiple Sclerosis.

Downtown San Francisco viewed from Alamo Park to the west, February 1st, 1999.

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