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   Jupiter and Venus
Monday, February 22 1999
At Staples during a solo lunch excursion, I bought three Maxell ZIP disks thinking I'd be putting a copy of Adobe Photoshop thereupon. The ZIP disks came with a heavily-emphasized pamphlet termed a "Y2K survival guide." I was sitting at Rubio's eating a Burrito Especial reading this pathetic little scrap of glossy paper, getting salsa all over it in the process. Interestingly, the guide was all about storage media to help data survive the coming crisis, but it didn't bother to mention ZIP disks at all. My suspicion is that Maxell has interests in its own pet storage technology, "Superdisk" for example (which the guide did mention), and only makes ZIP disks grudgingly. This Y2K guide might have been a sort of Trojan in a sort of Trojan horse.
At home I felt this ominous sense of doom about my relationship with Kim, mostly after she told me she'd give it "about a month." What I couldn't understand was how she could be so lovey-dovey to me after saying something like that. She explained that it was all up to me, but for some reason I felt completely defeated. To make matters worse, my computer was acting completely insane and needed to be repeatedly nursed through various reboots back to health. Believe it or not, I wrote something to a blank CD that was so screwball that my video drivers where actually corrupted by the process of reading that CD. I don't understand how an operating system can be written to allow such madness, but I don't work at Microsoft (though, like most people in the industry, I probably will soon).
In other news, Kim went to an astrologer today and thought it was a great experience. She was impressed that the astrologer figured out everything about her based only on her chart (a very lopsided wheel with nothing at all from early Sagittarius to late Taurus; Kim is a Cancer with Moon in Gemini and Scorpio rising). She wanted me to go as well, of course, but I told her straight up that there was no way. Astrology was good back in the days of the Malvern Girls (when it pervaded the language and the gossip), but it has no meaning to me any more. I can't go back, at least not here.
Speaking of astrological entities, as I rode my bike home tonight there was an impressively close conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in the western sky. They're both in Aries, as is Saturn.

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