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Sunday, February 7 1999
There was more cleaning and organizing today. Kim had me hanging pictures, a job that wouldn't have been nearly such a drag were she not such a perfectionist. She thinks that because I'm an artist, I should be a stickler for picture hanging perfection. But I don't care at all. A bunch of little pictures clumped unevenly together in one corner of the room is just fine for me.
Ludimilla the Brazilian girl was back in full force cleaning and scrubbing. Her industry was enough to make any of my slacking feel like a crime against propriety. But still I took a break and loudly rocked out on my guitar. Dawrl-nawrl-narwl-narwl. I wish I had some distortion with that.
The phone line wasn't yet hooked up, so today the internet was pretty much something that other people used.
In the evening, Kim and I headed over to the Brazilian girls' house for a dinner of pasta. We also went on an errand to Point Loma to pick up a movie from the local branch of Nazi Blockbuster Video. At the Long's Drug I found the prices so cheap that I went on something of a shopping spree, getting a $9 half gallon of Skovar vodka, a loaf of bread, and two 99 cent bags of corn chips, one of which, a bag of extra spicy Doritos, I began to devour the moment we got back to the car. Sophie the Schnauzer kept coming up from the back seat to request chips from me and I kept handing them to her. Kim was horrified when she found out how much junk food I'd given her dog.
Yesterday Kim had casually invited her two friends Steph and EJ, who recently returned from a trip Thailand, to come over and do dinner tonight. In the turmoil of today, however, she quickly forgot these plans and made plans to eat pasta at Ludimilla's place. As we were headed out the door tonight, I suddenly remembered the Steph and EJ plans and reminded Kim. Her solution was to post a note and phone number on our front door. So, before long, Steph and EJ and one of their friends, a rotund girl with green hair and a Pixies patch on her jacket, arrived at the Brazilian girls' apartment, toting a big 5 litre box of cheap blush vino, along with cheese and crackers. EJ had met Ludimilla once before, but aside from that, this was largely a meeting of different, though compatible, social groups.
The movie we watched was Henry Fool. It was a wonderful weird 90s movie. I especially appreciated the references in the early scenes of the movie to the newfangled concept of the internet. Such references might well be contemporary, which is interesting given that they happened seven years before the final scenes of the movie. Thus the end of the movie might have actually been set in the not-too-distant future. The cars all looked the same in that future, but some things were oddly different. For example, the coffee shop fad had finally passed and been replaced with a standby that never seems to die: rock and roll venues. Other things I appreciated included the random use of disgusting bodily excretions to gratuitously heighten drama and showcase hilarious thematic climaxes. But at times the movie dragged or even seemed to move like a hurried dream sequence, evidence, according to Kim, that "you have to read the book." None of us have ever even seen the book, of course.

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