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Monday, December 4 2000

It's overcast today, but it's not dreary at all. It's warm and humid here beneath the blanket of clouds, the sort of weather one rarely experiences in California. It's so anomalous that it reminds me of warm winter days back in the East. The animals of urban West LA are responding to it much like the chickadees and slate-colored juncos of agricultural Virginia responded to warm winter days: acting strangely and almost without regard to human passersby. At lunch today I came home to my condo to find something of a riot happening among the two principle forms of wildlife: fox squirrels and crows. They were all making funny noises and dashing around amongst the bushes. I thought they were in competition for a mysterious loaf of whole wheat bread someone (the crazy boogernosed lady?) had left behind. The loaf was damp with irrigation water but still mostly in its plastic bag, so I took it out and divided it into a number of pieces spaced evenly down the retaining wall. But this did nothing to encourage either the crows or the squirrels, which kept up with their peculiar riot, now mostly in the street and in a lawn on the other side. One crow was at the top of a nearby palm tree making a strange clucking noise whilst pounding his beak against something, perhaps a palm nut. I wanted to hang out with the street-smart urban wildlife and find out what they thought about things, but unfortunately the UK site has reached a critical development phase, and tonight I didn't even get home until something like 9pm.
After work John told me that he somehow managed to add me to his car insurance policy absolutely for free. He thinks the woman he was dealing with at the insurance company, upon learning that John had a housemate, thought that perhaps we are a gay couple, and she didn't pry at all. People in California are very sensitive to the needs of potentially gay households. Bathtubgirl should keep this in mind when it comes to matters involving Dirtygirl. By the way, Bathtubgirl is still my "domestic partner" on my company health plan. It even costs me extra, but it's no big deal to me until a replacement comes along.

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