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Thursday, December 28 2000

My housemate John returned from the East last night and today he and his buddy Fernando set off on a road trip to Arizona to see some sort of athletic event. Originally I had plans of going (remember, I haven't been out of Los Angeles County since April), but in the end I didn't really want to go and I have too much work to do anyway. Besides, can you really picture me enjoying myself at an athletic event?

I was tired and kind of sick today at work, not in an overwhelming sort of way, but my throat was sore and what I needed more than anything else was a nap. By late afternoon that ruddy low-angle winter sunlight was more than I could take. I hadn't worked too hard today, but I'd finally completed an application that can compare the stored procedures in two different databases and put check boxes beside the ones that have different checksums so they can be copied from the source database to the destination database. Not only that, but there's a whole rollback mechanism in case (as always happens) someone fucks up and copies over the wrong stuff.
So at 4:00pm no one was really paying attention to me anyway, so I went home and took that nap.

In the evening I tried to find things to do that didn't involve drinking alcohol. I did a little painting, but that was unsatisfying, so I turned to my four track and that was even less satisfying. So finally I took apart that Valley Data Systems EPROM programmer to see what sort of digital circuits it had in it. Pretty much as expected, it contained a Zilog Z-80 with a whopping 128K of RAM (I don't know how they pulled that off, considering the Z-80 only has a 64K address space).
I wonder, did Zilog ever survive long enough into the modern age for there to be a Hmm, that's interesting, they're still alive and kicking. But in all their press releases they're subtitling themselves "the Extreme Connectivity Company." That's kind of dumb; it sounds exactly like the sort of dot com hype around which any smart venture capitalist would steer a wide path.

I just deleted all my Napster-downloaded Nirvana. For some reason the only stuff I had was that godawful unplugged shit that's only popular because it was released shortly before Kurt Cobain achieved his own personal Nirvana. All I really want from Nirvana is for them to kick it in, baby. What's the point in taking out the amplification? If I want acoustic music, I can do a hell of a lot better than Nirvana.

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