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Saturday, December 9 2000


I spent most of the day trying to achieve two things: 1. installing SQL Server client software on Bathtubgirl's computer so I could do expedient database work from BTG Productions and 2. getting her proxy server system to handle more than simple HTTP protocols. I thought I had that last item figured out last time I visited, but evidently I was wrong. Anyway, it turned out that Bathtubgirl's computer's operating system was on the verge of collapse. As I was it working, it finally got to a point where it wouldn't boot up into a usable state, not even in Safe Mode. If one is so inclined, one can spend a lifetime nursing Windows 98 machines back to health; god knows I spend enough time healing my machines at home.
I ended up having to reinstall Windows 98 from CD, having to once more watch all that marketing copy saying things like "Work faster! Connect to the web! Get better help! Play better games!" After I'd reinstalled the operating system, it seemed to be running much better, but I never successfully pulled off that SQL 7 client software installation. As for the Proxy situation, I just couldn't figure out how to configure the Proxy software and the Macintosh to allow the latter to FTP through the former. So I ended up installing FTP server software on the PC and configuring the Mac's FTP client to connect to this over the local intranet. It's not a great solution, but it finally allows the Mac lightning-fast drag and drop access to a folder on the PC (a one meg movie file can be copied across the network in the blink of an eye). Now, of course, movie uploads from the Mac require a two-step FTP process: first to the PC and then to the remote web server. Bathtubgirl can do it, and that's all that matters.
In the evening Bathtubgirl and I walked down to the central hangout district of Abbott-Kinney to see if we could find Eva, the Basque Spanish chick who lives in the basement. I needed to reconfigure Eva's Mac to deal with the new proxy settings, but she's the only one with a key to her room.
We never did find Eva, so instead we ate burgers and fries from a quaint little mom & pop burger joint, I forget the name of the place. Their french fries were particularly good; just ask Sophie the Miniature Schnauzer (who was also very pleased by the number of dogs out and about). Eventually Bathtubgirl and I got to talking about her internet boyfriend, Snow from Internet love affairs are still sort of hard for me to comprehend. I mean, you exchange some email, you maybe talk on the phone a little bit, and next thing you know you're head over heels in love. But what if the guy has a small penis? I found myself riffing on the concept of a "penis made for internet love" (also known as a "pink toothpick") for the rest of our time on Abbott-Kinney. I have no idea of course what sort of penis Snow has, but I was acting under the assumption that it was microscopic. "I can't wait to see your crestfallen expression when Snow pulls down his snowboarding pants and you behold a penis made for internet love!"
In all seriousness, folks, Snow actually broke up with his girlfriend to better pursue his internet love affair with Bathtubgirl. Not only that, he's planning on pulling up stakes at his parent's house in South Dakota and moving to Venice, where he'll reside in Eva's room once Eva heads back to Germany. "The DSL line will be getting even more action than the bed!" I predicted.
While I'd been talking all this shit and doing all these things, garage denizen Robert had completely fixed the fucked-up bottom-bracket bearings on my bicycle. Having a pit crew handyman is one of the several advantages of being senior web developer for

I thought tonight I might be going out with housemate John and his friend Chun to some sort of DJ party where we'd take pills and dance until sunrise. What happened instead was that they'd taken the ADD medication early and were crashing out in front of some rented movies about the time I came home (7pm). The first of these was a Japanimation, and since I make a point of not watching Japanimation, I went upstairs and played with my four track instead of being social.

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