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Wednesday, December 13 2000

Today the CTO of the UK site made the mistake of putting "" at the end of my email address and of course the email bounced. Lately I've been considering what it would be like to live in the UK. There must be something about that country that accounts for the fact that nearly everyone there comes pre-equipped with a sense of irony whose absence characterizes what is wrong with most Americans I know.

In the evening I was working with my four track again, coping as best I could with a nasty nest of tangled cables and unreliable connections about as likely to pick up punk rock pirate radio than to get the signal from my microphone. I can't get my voice to sound right without effects, so I was mucking around with distortion and chorus for a more robotic sound, which was perfect for the chorus:

Christine is in denial
She wants to bear my robotic child
Christine is in denial
She wants to give birth to my mechanical child.

Later on I hooked up a scanner for my housemate John to use, the same one Bathtubgirl managed to spill a vase of water into back in early August during that stressful week when she was moving out. You wouldn't believe the ordeal I had just figuring out what company manufactured the scanner so I could do the internet search necessary to download its drivers. It still had its tags and labels, but none of them include a company name! I don't know about you, but if I made a scanner, I'd be proud of it and would probably write my name on it somewhere.
Then we sat around watching a variety of animated Flash shorts on I realized something interesting about Flash as I was watching: Flash development is evidently conducive to a more nuanced Simponsesque form of creativity, the kind that can be mulled over and refined with ideas that occur to people when they're far away from the project at hand. This is no doubt related to the intensively interactive nature of the Flash development environment, which allows for experimentation and rapid implementation of change. By the way, I wouldn't know anything about Flash content sites if it wasn't for John. When I'm on the web the only stuff I pay attention to is text, but two-minute Flash movies resonate better with his attention deficit disorder.

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