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   December 2000

01: autumn in Santa Monica - The gingkos shed their leaves beneath the grey sky.
02: I'd like a calendar... - Bathtubgirl gets a content management solution for her website.
03: weekend work - Working all Sunday for the UK site and still not finishing.
04: warm & humid - The squirrels and crows are acting weird.
05: delays and Priest - I hate software delays but I love Judas Priest.
06: Moth - To exist while facing the sun and it stings. I see an indie rock show in Silverlake.
07: Lunar E - I pimp a band called Lunar Event.
08: Bathtubgirl is in love - She giggles on the phone with Snow from
09: you can spend your life this way - Suffering at the hands of Windows 98 yet again.
10: Hollywood Reservoir - Linda and I go to this unsung Los Angeles lake.
11: strange cancer - The weird sexual politics beneath my problems at work are briefly mentioned.
12: as a brother - We talk about my housemate's many hookings-up at Wahoos.
13: Simpsonesque creativity - Flash as an innovative new creative environment.
14: quiet-loud-louder - A four track pop music discovery.
15: brain database deadlock - Hangover's psychological effects.
16: regifting - What to do with those presents nobody wants.
17: walking home from Venice - I fix Bathtubgirl's computer, have a big fight over money and then walk all the way back to work.
18: Del's Saloon - Fernando, John and I go to a local West LA dive bar.
19: the rock is made of much more - Unhappy whinging about life.
20: five minute bursts - Work style of a burnout.
21: in a conspicuous place - Where housemate John left his ADD medication.
22: sopping scrap of newsprint - Bathtubgirl does Dirtygirl's horoscopes because Dirtygirl wants to hang out with Tommy Lee and friends.
23: efforts so thin - Difficulty finding creative focus.
24: Silverlake by bicycle - I run across Linda and Julian in Silverlake after biking there in the afternoon.
25: birthday of Our Lord and Savior - Lonely Christmas in West LA.
26: more fun with tragic memes - I shooter at a dot com near Boston is in the news, and I make him a bogus homepage.
27: the thin thread of reality - I mostly steer clear of fiction, except for shooter homepages.
28: if I want acoustic music - ...I can do a hell of a lot better than Nirvana.
29: wacky housemate antics - A nonstop comedy routine under the influence of Adderall.
30: smoking incense - Smoking Salvia divinorum with a gravity bong at Julian's place.
31: six-legged human lollypop - Bringing on the New Year under the influence of pure MDMA.