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Monday, March 8 2010
The day was so gorgeous that I convinced Gretchen, who had been fruitlessly searching for an unoccupied sunny spot in the living room, to try the cot in the driveway instead (it's a cot that had been out all winter and had recently played host to a pile of melting snow). She ended up spending hours out there, soaking up sun amidst the piles of melting snow. Temperatures never quite reached 60, but in the sun it was like being on a beach. This is a good time of year to savor, before annoying insects emerge from the holes where they spend their winters.
I spent much of my day working on a system for analyzing data in a database table so that it can be dynamically reschemed. The idea is that if a table contains a certain amount of data and the data in those columns reflect a more-restrictive schema than the definition of those columns, then why not redefine those columns to reflect their actual data? This issue first cropped up when I was looking in detail at the creation of tables from data in Excel spreadsheets. But it could apply to other tables where the definitions of columns doesn't correspond to the data they contain. While I was at it, I made a general "column analysis" feature for my generic database tool so that an administrator could get a sense of the range of data present in the columns of every table.

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