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   boiler off, 2010
Tuesday, March 16 2010
It was a warm and sunny day, and the weather was calling for several more days of similar or better weather. So Gretchen turned off the boiler and I threw the few switches needed to bring our solar hydronic system into summer mode. This mostly meant changing a suite of parameters in the Arduino-based solar sufficiency controller (doable with the push of a single button) and the rotation of a knob on the older, mostly-mechanical solar controller. I also cranked up the thermostat on the hot water heater so it would allow the solar-based system to raise household water temperatures to 150 or more (it's hard to say how much, since all the thermometers that measure it are either inaccurate or poorly-placed).
What a day! It was like being on a marvelous illegal drug to just sit in the sun. All I really know how to do at this time of year is procrastinate.

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