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Friday, March 19 2010
The weather has been acting more like late April than late-mid-March. Today was yet another sunny one, with highs up there in the 70s. Just typing the expression "70s" makes me think of that song from the 1970s, "Afternoon Delight."
I'd promised to start cleaning the garage when the weather warmed up, and it's already been warm for days, so today I started one of several little intro projects leading into that bigger project. I tearing disassembling the old cast iron woodstove (which is held together with bolts) so I could reassemble it as a lighter-weight table suitable as a platform for welding projects. It came apart more easily than I expected, and it didn't have to be in too many pieces before there was no piece too heavy for me to lift.
This evening Gretchen and I watched Hitchcock's classic 1954 movie Rear Window. Gretchen had found it incredible on the big screen, but on our crappy 32 inch CRT things were lost: the voyeuristic details integral to the plot and, above all, Grace Kelly's luminous beauty. I've found it somewhat difficult for a person like me with a modern media sensibility to watch films from this period. Their plots seem to crawl, and one finds that little voice in one's head piping up constantly to the effect that now might be a good time to check one's email or perhaps go fix a sandwich. If Gretchen hadn't been watching too I would have never made it through the thing.

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