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   warm spring night in Kingston
Sunday, March 21 2010
Clouds and rain were predicted for tomorrow, and clouds had already begun to dissolve the crisp yellow ball of the sun, so I decided to take advantage of the preceding days of dry weather to bring in some firewood, emphasizing material useful as kindling. It came in the form of White Pine and White Ash. I burn a fair amount of the former but not all that much of the latter, as there is only a trace of it in the nearby forest (it prefers lowlands and streambanks).
There was supposed to be a scheduled vote in the US House of Representatives on Obama's big health care bill, which was looking like it might just squeak past. So I kept checking in on my various usual news sources to see if the vote was happening or if it had already happened. There was all sorts of craziness coming from the Capitol, which was surrounded by mobs of angry ultra-rightwing teabaggers being egged on by Republican lawmakers. But Democratic congressfolk nevertheless marched to the capitol and began the last bit of logrolling to get stragglers onboard. Failure would set back the Democratic party for years, but individual Democratic congressfolk in swing districts were worried about their personal careers. What to do? (It was obvious what to do, but nobody wants to lose a job in this economy.)

This evening Gretchen and I met up with Jenny and Doug at our favorite Indian restaurant in Uptown and had our usual orgy of face-stuffing. At around 8:30pm we were the last customers in the restaurant. Meanwhile outside the warm spring evening had brought out a picturesque assortment of Kingston weirdos, who scurried around as if the enormous log under which they'd been living had suddenly been rolled aside by Paul Bunyan. One woman wandering aimlessly in the street was nearly hit by douchebag-piloted SUV executing a right onto John Street from Wall Street.

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