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   talking about food after dinner
Sunday, January 14 2018
Not that it matters, but today was my mother's 81st birthday. I have not seen her since 2013 and haven't communicated with her since spring of 2016 (when she was briefly concerned that I was trapped in a Mexico and needed a $10,000 wire transfer).

Fairly early in the day, I prepared myself kratom tea and drank it as I always do, by adding water to the sludge that remains after I finish a cup and drinking that, repeating five or six times (and yet the sludge somehow remains). Kratom can be a fairly good study drug, and today I applied myself to the problem of producing my own SELECT-style HTML form dropdown using a series of DIV tags inside another DIV tag. This is the only way one can get onmouseover events for OPTION tags (though, of course, I wasn't actually using OPTION tags; mine were DIVs).
Eva and Sandor would be coming over to visit Neville after Gretchen's shift at the bookstore, so late this afternoon I did some straightening up and vacuuming. It's easy when the living room looks like a homeless camp to just let the house go to hell, and so we have. But with a little sweeping and vacuuming, it's possible to make even a homeless camp look more inviting.

Eva and Sandor arrived with the fixings for tempeh reubens and salad, and so that was what we had for dinner. Most of the initial conversation was about Neville: his knee surgery, his recuperation fort, his escapes, and also that mystery lump in his face (which still isn't any smaller). While the womenfolk assembled the sandwiches, Sandor and I briefly talked about a number of things including the unprecedented coldsnap, his plans for getting a pickup truck once the lease on his BMW expires, and how awesome a Tesla pickup truck would be.
Post-dinner conversation was surprisingly dull, as it consisted mostly of a conversational feature comparison between various vegan restaurants. There is nothing I want to talk about after dinner less than food, so my eyes glazed over and for a time I even acted as if I might be asleep, which was easy to do in my corner of the recuperation fort.

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