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Monday, February 5 2018
Gretchen drove down to The City this morning a little before 8:00am to make a 10:45 appointment with her new publisher (who will be publishing a collection of poems set in a maximum-security men's prison). Not long after that, I took went on an errand, mostly with the goal of getting more cat wet food from Barnyard on Route 28. But there was a server semi-emergency that started occupying my mind the moment I checked my phone, so the plan to go out to the mall and get stuff from Target had to be shelved. I got the wet food, and even went out to the Hannaford in West Hurley to get some provisions for Gretchen absence. This included a visit to the nearby wine store in that same shopping center, which is fancier every time I go there. Not only do they not appear to carry boxed wine, but I didn't see any two-litre plastic bottles of cheap liquor, something they definitely used to stock. I had to settle for a one-litre glass bottle of cheap gin.
After all that was done, it was still ten minutes shy of 10:00am, when the Tibetan Center thrift store opens. But I wasn't going to wait around for that with an ongoing server emergency, so I went straight home.
I made myself a recreational french press of coffee, which amped me up a bit too powerfully, and I was soon in need of some sort of sedation. [REDACTED]

Aside from some spring rolls from the Hurley Ridge Hannaford, mostly all I lived on today was Saturday night's chana gobi with injera.

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