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   as annoying as second-hand smoke
Tuesday, February 20 2018
Temperatures climbed into the 60s today, delighting everyone from humans to cats to dogs to song birds. Though the greenhouse is perhaps best used on colder days, Gretchen and the dogs spent hours down there this afternoon, basking in the accumulated heat of the still-low winter sun. Gretchen wanted to do some focused reading, and the greenhouse is great for doing things that require a minimum of distraction, although it's also easy to just fall asleep down there.
Of course, one of the downsides with a freakishly warm day is that it brings gun nuts and their bump stocks to the bus turnaround, where they monotonous hammer away at the stillness. Their aggressiveness always seems to be in proportion to the horror of the latest mass shooting, suggesting they might be trying to get as much mileage out of their guns as they can before the jack-booted thugs of Donald Trump's ATF pry them out of their cold, dead hands. The resulting sound pollution is easily as annoying as second-hand smoke.

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