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   South American Mammals
Wednesday, February 21 2018
Today temperatures rose into the 70s, and with the laboratory window open and Slowdive's "Star Roving" blaring from my speaker, it was easy to fool myself into thinking that winter was finally over. The Canada geese seem to be fooled as well; on several occasions today I could hear them flying north high overhead.
[REDACTED] To satisfy this goal, I wanted to do a presentation entitled "South American Mammals." Of all the continents, the different groups of mammals found in South America demonstrate the most interesting tectonic tango between that continent and its neighbors. Starting out as part of Pangea, it received a founding group of primitive Placentals called Xenarthrans (armadillos, sloths, etc.), then later contacted Antarctica to receive an influx of Marsupials. This was followed by two rafting events, the first bringing monkeys and the second bringing Caviomorph rodents. Finally, three million years ago, South America's land bridge to North America formed in Central America, and the two exchanged mammalian groups. It's fascinating.

As on Sundays, on Wednesdays Neville usually spends his day with Gretchen at the bookstore, while Ramona (who could never behave well enough for such a span of time) stays home with me. So this afternoon (when I was feeling the same restlessness I'd felt on Sunday), I celebrated the glorious weather by changing into shorts, a teeshirt, and flip flops, and had Ramona join me on a drive out to the Tibetan Center thrift store. There I bought an old ratchet-socket set (one can never have too many of those!) and three color-changing bulbs (the same!) for a little over $6.

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